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About Mumbai Angels Network

Because every flight needs wings
Mumbai Angels is a Leading Angel Investing platform for early-stage venture investing. Since our inception in 2006, we have helped many new-age and innovative endeavors lift off the ground successfully, just like the wings of an angel. In our 16 years of experience, we have seen many cycles of early-stage investments and have understood how essential it is to have a structured early-stage investment portfolio for the economics to play out.

And we believe that with our portfolio of 200+ companies, can steer your portfolio and enterprise in the right direction.
And we believe that with our portfolio of 200+ companies, can steer your portfolio and enterprise in the right direction.
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Diligent ethos to create best results

We strongly focus on exits and not just investments.
We diligently monitor portfolio, investments,
and drive knowledge by imparting strong investor education.

Why Us

Join hands with experience and knowledge
Mumbai Angels has been a cradle for both plugin businesses for larger corporates as well as financial investors looking for incubated businesses ready to scale up. We bring both these opportunities to the table for your accelerated development and growth.

Our Portfolio includes a total 200+ deals till date. With INR 200 CR invested from 60 Cities across 10 Countries, we help investors find their blooming seeds and founders find their fertilizers for growth.


We make investing easier by presenting you with golden investment Opportunities and fund the next generation of global businesses with Mumbai Angels Network.


Every new venture requires a boost and Mumbai Angels know how to deliver the angel investment which your venture deserves.

Team Of Experts

The Mumbai Angels Team - Giving wings to your dreams since 2006

Nandini Mansinghka

Co-Founder & CEO

Nandini Manisinghka leads the Mumbai Angels Team. She came on board as the third Co-Founder, oper...

Shivangi Bubna

Partner, Investments

Ashok Singh

Partner, Investor Relations

 Ashok Singh is SVP of Investor Relations at Mumbai Angels Network, wherein he is responsible fo...

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You ask we answer
When should I approach an angel group?
As an entrepreneur, the first stage is bootstrapping where they use their own resources or the resources of friends and family to explore their product’s feasibility and develop the sales and marketing plans. The next stage is Seed Funding - during this stage, a startup receives help in determining its final products and demographics. This is the stage where angel investors come into the picture. For an investor the benefits of being a part of an angel group is to derive and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group
Is there a minimum or maximum investment?
MA looks at startups who are typically raising anywhere between 1CR to 4CR. We have done larger deals as well depending on coinvestors. As an individual member we don’t have any maximum or minimum investment requirement for a year but that in case a member wishes to invest in a particular startup the min ticket size is INR 5L.
Are there any membership/subscription fees?
Yes, we have a membership fee for the services that we provide.
How do I submit a pitch?
Please email your pitch deck to
What information should I include in my pitch?
These are the various parameters that evaluate the strength of a business proposition. From the unique space your business occupies in the marketplace to how scalable or profitable your startup could become. The investor wants to know how these parameters fall into place when it comes to your business. Does your business function as a disruptor or differentiator? A disruptive business challenges existing business models while a differentiator sets itself apart from the competition in such a way that functions as a perceived advantage. Your success as a startup depends on the kind of traction you receive. Great traction makes your business even more attractive to investors. How do you plan to become a profitable business? Since we believe that profitability is a combination of productivity, efficiency, management, austerity, and the way the business is itself managed. How scalable is the product or solution you’re bringing to the table? Is there a global market opportunity? You must mention the market competition. Mention how you position yourself versus the competition and how and why you are different? Potential investors need to see your passion, but they also need to feel that you have clarity of thought and solid plans in place for your business and the way forward. Investment has many dimensions. Funding a business is not just about writing a check, but also looking at the various stages the business will go through and at what stages the business will require this funding. Investors also look at how far and how fast a company can grow, when they can exit and what is the sort of return they can expect.
What is the process for companies to present to Mumbai Angel Network?
Companies need to upload their deck at If shortlisted, the proposition is placed in front of the investors followed by a pitching session
Who can use this platform?
Start ups and Angel investors including aspiring Angel investors. Any investor who is looking at startups as an asset class. Our members consist of individual investors, family offices, VC funds and corporates/companies.
How is MA different from others?
Mumbai Angels is at the forefront of the building this asset class. the platform works to get investors to allocate 4 to 5 percent of their overall portfolio to star up investing.


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