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Angel investing is a form of private investment where individuals, often referred to as "angels," provide capital to early-stage startup companies in exchange for ownership equity. Angels typically invest their personal funds and provide mentorship or expertise to help startups succeed.

At Mumbai Angels, we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with carefully curated investment opportunities in the market, comprising of promising startups. Just keep an eye out for communications from our team, via messenger and email, directly to your inbox.

Angel investing comes with risks, as early-stage startups are inherently high-risk investments. Some common risks include the potential for the startup to fail or go out of business, dilution of ownership due to subsequent funding rounds, illiquidity of investments, and regulatory risks. As a starting point, all Angel Investors invest a corpus they are prepared to lose.

When evaluating a startup for investment, some key factors to consider include the team's expertise and track record, the market size and potential for growth, the product or service offering and its competitive advantage, the business model and revenue generation strategy, the financials and projected returns, and the overall risk-reward profile of the opportunity.

Angel investments are typically considered long-term investments, as startups can take several years to mature and achieve liquidity events, such as consequent rounds of fundraising, an initial public offering (IPO) or acquisition. The expected timeline for angel investments can vary depending on the startup's growth trajectory, industry dynamics, and other factors.

To mitigate risks in angel investing, it's essential for you to build a large & diversified portfolio, by investing across different startups and industries. Along with this, at Mumbai Angels, we conduct thorough due diligence on potential investment opportunities for you. You can also take advantage of the peer network on our platform as you work with experienced co-investors. That said angel investments are inherently a risky asset class and you should only deploy capital that you are ok to lose.

Minimum Commitment per LP: INR 25 Lakh invested over 5 years                       

Investor Criteria per LP:
For Individuals: 2 Crore ex. primary residence And (either of): Prior experience in start-up investing, Serial Entrepreneur, Professional with 10+ years of experience

For Company/ LLP: 10 Crore Net worth

You need to pay a one-time fee of INR 50,000 to become a Mumbai Angels subscriber. This will give you lifetime access to our platform. You can see deals, understand the opportunities, network with other users, listen to amazing ideas from founders and mentors, and talk to founders. All investments on the Mumbai Angels platform will be done via the Mumbai Angels Fund- 1 (angel fund).

Whenever you are keen to invest in a specific startup on the platform you need to become a part of the Mumbai Angels Network Angel Fund 1. The qualifying criteria as stipulated by SEBI, are as follows:
●    Minimum Investment commitment: 25 lakhs over a period of 5 years
●    Individual: 2 Crore ex. primary residence  And (either of):
●    Prior experience in start-up investing, 
●    Serial Entrepreneur
●    Professional with 10+ years of experience 

For Company/ LLP 
●    10 Crore Net worth

For details on our other funds please get in touch with us.  


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